Sponsoring an Orphan – Grace Ministries

Sponsoring a child is the right thing to do.

We as Canadians have the capacity to provide children the innate human needs of safety & security, love & belonging, esteem and self-actualization.

Canadians are good people, we provide for those that do not have the means or abilities to help themselves.

This year my family has decided that we will add to our Christmas list a charity, one that provides help to those that can not help themselves. Our charity of choice operates is a local grassroots Vancouver Island non profit. With over 95% of the funds raised going directly to supporting the needs of the 38 orphan children. For only $96.00 per month we will be providing a Congolese child not only the safety of a home in a war ravaged country, but the ability to fulfill their dreams through education, health care, nurturing and moral guidance.

The Grace Ministries cares for 38 orphan children in their rented home in the Congo. 20 of those children have been sponsored full time by Canadians.  Many of them sponsored through the good people at Oceanside Church in Nanaimo.

We are so blessed as Canadians.  It feels right to give to those tiny hearts that have so much potential.