Crm improves closing ratio by 20%

Maximize Your Closing Ratio

Is your organization a LEAD Junkie? Addicted to consuming leads from every source?

STOP it! Time to Maximize your Closing Ratio!

New Leads, More Leads, new lead sources, if you are that Junkie, you need help.  Continuously increasing your marketing budget without improving your employee/sales process, in my opinion is a waste of your money, but don’t just listen to me, look at the statistics.

FACT: 33% of Leads Are Never Called

Crm improves closing ratio by 20%

Whether you have a BDC, Business development center or not, your sales staff or front line employees will benefit from a structured process and CRM tools. This in turn benefits your companies bottom line.

End of the day, it is simple, If your BDC or team does not use a CRM, Customer Relationship Management software then you are throwing away profit,and leaving revenue on the table.

Customer Relationship Management Software are not all the same, however they will produce similar results, IMPROVING YOUR BOTTOM LINE

5 Reasons a Free ZOHO CRM will maximize your Closing Ratio

  1. New Sales leads won’t fall through the Cracks
  2. Improve the Speed to Lead
  3. Create consistent responses and formalize the sales process
  4. Prioritizes and manages human resources to focus on selling activities
  5. 20% improvement on your lead to opportunity conversion rate

UBERgirl Inc.has been selected as an official Zoho CRM Business partner, and we offer a free basic CRM platforms as well as small and mid sized customized CRM solutions.  Custom developed ZOHO CRM solutions that are designed to build your business and manage your companies unique situations.

Zoho CRM is easy to use, includes integration to MS Outlook, Google products.

Zoho CRM has a robust mobile smart phone app for businesses on the go.

Find out today how ZOHO CRM can improve your business, Easy, Simple and Cost Effective.