HMCS Regina Homecoming 2014


Honored and fortunate to be the volunteer photographer for the Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC), capturing the strength of military life for and about the families at our Pacific Fleet base.

I photographed the departure of HMCS Regina on January 5th 2014, so being invited to return for the homecoming on September 17th literally brought the event full circle.
There were many beautiful moments, the electricity of young children with returning parents, the relief of spouses to be in the arms of the ones they love, the pure beauty of a Mom and Dad having their child back on safe ground. It is raw and real.

It is not without sadness, the wife of the seaman that did not come home, showing incredible strength and fortitude being on the dock knowing her husband would not be stepping off that ship. The other heart wrenching moment was as the sailors that were without greeting parties, without loved ones there to welcome them home. Anxiously looking through the crowd for a familiar face.

Those moments, I will always remember and I encourage everyone to take the time to thank forces members for all they do and have done.